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Residential Development

Building Communities

Coast Salish Group has emerged as developer of masterplanned communities on Vancouver Island. The following three principles form the foundation for Coast Salish's residential development:

  • Surrounded by Nature with large areas dedicated to green space, trails and gathering spaces

  • Centrally located with easy access to major transportation hubs

  • Guided by integrity, thorough planning and meaningful partnerships with select builders, we are committed to highest quality standards, value and accountability.

We are in the unique position to offer unique tax benefits to our residents.


Our residential neighbourhoods are thoughtfully designed for a true sense of home. We create vibrant places for thriving healthy communities.


Coast Salish Group

Recent Residential


Owls Hollow

Lot Sales in Full Swing

Owls Hollow is part of the Oyster Bay masterplan. At full build-out, the subdivision will feature more than 600 single-family homes, townhouses as well as multi-unit homes on 200 acres of land


Nestled within pristine forest, the single-family subdivision is surrounded by a network of trails, green spaces, parks and beautiful Bush Creek, offering an unparalleled blend of nature, heritage and modern living. 

With the development of Owls Hollow, Coast Salish Group has set a new standard for residential development on Vancouver Island.

Holland Creek.JPG

Holland Creek

Secluded in Nature


Holland Creek is a beautiful  600-unit residential neighbourhood on 140 acres of land in Ladysmith.


The development respects the existing natural conditions of the site and is interlaced with a green necklace of open spaces, natural features, riparian corridors and trails.


This is a direct reflection of our respect for the land. We take a sustainable approach towards development, balancing economic, environmental and social benefits.

Be a part of our Residential Projects

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